For iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, & iPad 2
AppAdvice : "Gives new life to your camera beyond the traditional video."

Take the cameras on your iPhone 4 or 4th generation iPod touch to the limit! With Videoscope, your device turns into a live video processor with multiple interactive video effects. You can record up to 30 seconds of any effect to save or email! And now Videoscope is enhanced for iPad 2!

Videoscope uses the live video stream of either your front or back cameras and lets you choose one of four cool effects to them: Kaleidoscope, Pinscreen, or Impressionist, or Brickbreaker.

  • KALEIDOSCOPE : Works just like the real thing and uses both the video feed and the accelerometer! You can use your fingers to spin or zoom in and out.
  • PINSCREEN : The brightness of your image raises or lowers the height of the 3D geometry! You can touch the image to push the pins back down...but they'll slowly come back.
  • IMPRESSIONIST : Particles are generated from your image and flow with the accelerometer. Touch the image to push them around, or use two fingers to attract the particles into a vortex!
  • BRICKBREAKER : See yourself in a wall of blocks...touch them to knock them out temporarily! They'll fall with gravity based on your device's orientation.

"Endless playtime." -

Picked by Apple as
"New & Noteworthy" in iTunes
on February 12, 2010!